This site is dedicated to the memory of my parents and to our ancestors. If you are related to those listed, I hope this gives you a better understanding of their lives. Feel free to comment on anything posted, especially if you have additional or different information. The posts on this page chronicle my
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Journey # 1: A Genealogy Virgin

The journey into my family's history started with a simple question from my sister at Christmas. She asked, "What's our family's connection to Ireland?" 

I replied, "I only know what Dad told us — that one branch of the family moved from Ireland to Yorkshire as a result of the potato famine in the mid-1800s." 

But she persisted. "But where exactly in Ireland did they come from and what was their name then?" I had no idea. I suggested that if she really wanted to know the answers, she could look at online genealogy sites, but she said she had no inclination for that and couldn't I do it. But I was determined not to do it myself. As a writer and corporate communicator, research is one of my skills, and I often get sucked into doing things that I never intended to as a result. I was busy with my regular job as well as spare-time writing projects including a travel blog. I had no intention of taking on a genealogy project. But the interest was peaked, and I went online to 'just take a quick look.' 

I'd always been fascinated by our family history and had saved all the photographs and documents I'd inherited. But I'd never done any real research. On my mother's side of the family, two Dutch cousins had compiled family trees from my grandparent's generation back (to the 1600s in one line). And at one family get-together in the past, I recalled my siblings and I going online and finding a few Canadian records about our parents and grandparents. I think there were passenger lists related to immigration in the 1920s and a military record or two. But we didn't go any further. I guess, as my sister said later, we didn't have the 'inclination' to do the work involved. For some reason, now I did. 

I found and several other genealogy sites but was unwilling to pay for a subscription, and I didn't like the way the 'free' trials worked. They insisted on credit card information up front — even though you weren't paying for anything. Why don't they just ask you to pay to keep going after the free trial, and if you don't pay, they cut you off? Why did they want you to be responsible for cancelling before your free trial turned into a paid subscription? Well, of course I knew the answer. They were counting on you forgetting to cancel before you were auto-billed. This left a bad taste in my mouth — kind of like those book clubs back in the 1980s. 

Then I discovered, a service of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons to the average person). This site was completely free — no tricks. So I started researching. 

By the time I took a breath and looked up from my research, not just hours had passed, but days.


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