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Journey # 8: A Foray into Other Research

I was still waiting for documents in the mail, and having sorted out my services (free trials and library visits) and genealogy app (GRAMPS), I was free to move on to other research. In my research into genealogy programs, I noticed that some offered geographic tracking—pinpointing people's locations for major events and even providing comprehensive area information and images. 

Until then it had not occurred to me to look up the locations I'd found for my ancestors. But I realized that I wanted to see the places and that even modern versions would be good. I started with Google Maps but came up with little to nothing on most of the addressesredevelopment having wiped out whole neighbourhoods. 

What I did find was a website called LEODIS—a photographic archive of Leeds. This site belonged to the Leeds Library & Information Service. I searched LEODIS , but came up blank on the first few addresses. I eventually found a photograph identified as having been the same street as the home of my grandmother Isabel in the 1911 census, but it wasn't the right address. I began browsing the list of photos related to that street and eventually I found a photograph of a building marked with the address 7—my grandmother's house. 

The photograph was taken in 1958, but the building looked at least 50 years old then and probably much older. I was confident that this was the house where my grandmother lived in 1911. The LEODIS website is designed to allow people to post comments below the photographs, and imagine my amazement when I read the first comment: "My Grandma, Kathleen Pickles, was born at number 7 in 1909. She became Kathleen Ambler when she married." I knew from my research that Kathleen was my grandmother's younger sister. This comment was written by a cousin from a family we'd completely lost touch with when my grandmother died in the 1980s. 

Sadly, there was no contact information and the comment appeared to have been written several years before. But it reminded me that there were others out there with the same lineage and that they might be interested in our shared history. 

I was inspired and moved on to researching the general history of the areas where my relatives had lived. I read about World War I and about other wars and conflicts. I read about the Irish living in Yorkshire, about iron ore and coal mining, and so much more. Every bit of information I found made me feel closer to my ancestors and understand their lives just a little bit better.


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