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Journey # 12: An Angel from Down Under

I'd received marriage certificates from the UK for both sets of great-grandparents. I now had maiden names of my great-grandmothers, fathers' names for each, and occupations for all concerned from the census reports. I was on a roll. I leapt from the mailbox to the computer and began madly searching for the families. But this was easier said than done. The further back one goes in genealogy, the more difficult it becomes to find records.

From the marriage certificate I knew that my great-grandfather, Samuel Pickles, had a father named Samuel Luke Pickles. I found a marriage record for Samuel Luke Pickles to a Rachel Rochester and wondered if these were my great-great grandparents. The census records were not clear though. If my research was correct, Samuel Luke died shortly after young Samuel was born, and then Rachel remarried. I found some people who I thought were related, but, again, was having trouble confirming any of it.

My immediate thought was to order a marriage certificate for Samuel Luke and Rachel to get their fathers' names. So I went to the UK GRO ordering site, which asked if I had the document numbers, which could be acquired from the UKFreeBMD site. So off I went to that site. I found the document record online, and as I was copying the numbers, I spotted a notation on the page.

The UKFreeBMD site lets the public post comments in relation to the records. Someone had posted that they had a copy of this certificate and had included an email address. The comment was several years old, but I thought, what do I have to lose? Best case scenario, I get a copy of the certificate for free. Worst case scenario, I postpone ordering for a few days. I sent the email. I explained that I suspected these people were my great-great grandparents.

To my amazement, a few days later I got a reply from Australia with a copy of the certificate attached. Apparently Aussies are mad for genealogy, and this person had traced his family back in all directions. Our family trees crossed at Rachel Rochester. I am descended from Rachel's marriage to Samuel Luke Pickles. He is descended from widowed Rachel's marriage to her second husband. I guess that makes us some sort of cousins.

He had also gone back a generation from both Rachel and Samuel and sent me a link to his website ( that gave me both their parents' data. He later sent me a death certificate for Samuel Luke. His research not only confirmed mine, but provided more information and saved the cost of a certificate. I learned that with genealogy, it pays to reach out.


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