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Journey # 9: Disseminating Information

Each time I confirmed some data or came across an interesting tidbit of information, I called my sister to tell her. But not having done the research herself and without the benefit of a working family tree and timelines, she had trouble following actors in our family play. I realized quite quickly that I would need a way of disseminating the information I was amassing to siblings and other relatives. But how?

Initially I imagined taking an image of a family tree diagram and emailing it out to anyone who was interested. But as I travelled the genealogy path, I began to realize that a family was much more than birth, marriage and death dates. Then I thought that since I had begun a family tree on, I could simply send the link. But that information wouldn't contain all the historical research.

As the information piled up on my computer, I started to realize that in addition to building trees and creating timelines, I would also want to write biographies. I began to imagine a family history booklet that I could email out in PDF or print and mail. But I was worried about including photographs in such a booklet. How would I organize them? And if I used high-resolution scans, would the booklet file size become large and digitally cumbersome?

But this was not the biggest dilemma about disseminating information that hit me. The biggest question was: when? I had learned in my few weeks in the world of genealogy that the research could go on indefinitely and that I might be updating with newly acquired data for years. So when did I publish this little booklet? At what point should I decide that I had enough information to send? And then, how would I update it later? Would I be sending revised booklets every few months?

Of course, the answer became obvious. A website or blog was the best option for getting the information to those interested. And if there were any relatives who did not have Internet access, they could get printouts once in awhile. I began investigating my options.


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