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My First Family History Book: Initiation

For Christmas 2014, I produced a book to give to my family members as gifts. The process was all consuming for the few weeks it took to edit, lay out and print, and I was too busy doing it to write about it at the time. But it was suggested to me during a biography writing workshop I was giving at the Victoria Genealogical Society recently that others might learn from my process. So here it is!

I knew that one day I would want to create a book for my family that contained all the genealogy research and biographies I was posting to my family history blog. The question was, when should that happen? As any genealogist knows, family history research can go on forever and is never really ‘finished.’ So I put it out of my head for most of the first year while researching my father’s family. Instead I posted stories to the blog as time permitted, but conscious that one day, way off in the future, I would produce a book of some kind.

Then in November of that year, one of my siblings told me she preferred to read things in hard copy rather than online and was considering printing pages from my website, punching holes in them and putting them into a binder. She also said she wanted to take the information with her to visit relatives over the holidays and didn’t want to use a laptop for this. 

I realized immediately that I didn’t want my research presented to others in the format she was describing. As a journalist and corporate communicator who has produced many books and documents through my various jobs, this was sacrilege. I suggested she wait and I would try to come up with something before Christmas. It was less than six weeks until December 25. 

Could I pull something together and get it printed in time to send to my family to arrive before Christmas? Did I mention that unlike many genealogists, I am not retired and still have a day job?


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