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My First Family History Book: Distribution & Reactions

True to form, Staples came through for me (they have never let me down but neither have the other quick printers for that matter). The books were printed and bound and ready for pick up on the SundayR before Christmas. My siblings, niece and nephews were all receiving hard copies. (Cousins received electronic copies on CD later.)

I wrapped the books and packaged them for shipping Sunday evening and was at the post-office when it opened at 8 am on Monday morning. The Canadian-destined parcels would be delivered before Christmas, but I was warned the out-of-country one would probably not make it — and it didn’t, arriving on December 29, which was the first business day after Christmas that year.

I’m sure it won’t surprise many genealogists to know that the book received mixed reactions. Some family members were thrilled and fascinated, devouring every word and image. Others were curious, but only enough for a cursory browse. 

The genealogists who’ve seen it, love it, however, and are much more appreciative of the effort that went into it than any of my family members ever could be (not understanding the work involved). They also helped prepare me for the reactions. One genealogist said, “Don’t expect your family members to have any concept of the work that went into this.” 

Others said, “I hope your relatives appreciate what you’ve done.” As I wrote above, some did but others probably did not. 

An unexpected outcome from my first family history book is how it inspires other genealogists. I use it at writing workshops to show what come from genealogy research. Workshop participants often take photographs of the book, which really surprised me.  

For me, the printed book represented a year of my spare time — in research, writing and design — and is a source of pride and accomplishment. I will update it one day with new research, and I have several other books planned. Those, however, I intend to do more slowly.


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